keygif June 16, 1904 Bloomsday
day on which James Joyce's masterpiece Ulysses is set"
CESMA - Cooperativa de Estudantes de Santa Maria 

Ponto de Cinema Bar - Here Comes Everybody
and Aguinaldo Medici Severino (chairman)
invite you to Bloomsday
Santa Maria 2013

Since 1994, literally, a party

June 16th has been celebrated around the world since James Joyce's Ulysses, the world's most highly acclaimed modern novel, was first published in 1922. Ulysses is a hugely satisfying book because it embraces all of life and the complexity of life as experienced by everyone. "Bloomsday", as it is now known, is a literary party that celebrates the day in 1904 on which Ulysses is set and the principal characters Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus took their epic journeys through Dublin, Ireland. June 16th has become a traditional celebration for Joyce enthusiasts all over the world. For Joyce, the special significance of 16 June 1904 was that on that date he and his future wife Nora Barnacle had their first rendezvous. In many cities, attempts are made to read the entire book out loud. In Dublin, tourists dress up and retrace the routes of Joyce's characters. The celebrations and festivities also include staged re-enactments and street-side improvisations of scenes from the story. Everywhere, alcohol is consumed in quantity.

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